Mike Stevens | Sep 10, 2009

EARLY LAST MONTH, Lexus offered an official, highly-stylised rendering of the Lexus LF-Ch Compact Hybrid Concept, scheduled to debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show next week.

Not long after, a photo of the concept's rear quarter was released, and a full front image followed it a week later, revealing sleek aggressive lines clearly drawing inspiration from the LF-A.

Today, the Japanese luxury marque has finally laid its cards on the table.


The LF-Ch ('LF' denoting concept status and 'Ch' an acronym for 'Compact hybrid') is believed to be scheduled for a 2012 production date, however, little further technical and drivetrain details have been offered by Lexus.

Utilising the Lexus Hybrid drive and running on a wide track, long 2600mm wheelbase and with a low centre of gravity, the LF-Ch is engineered with a specific focus on a performance-oriented fuel-efficient driving experience.

Like other Lexus Hybrid models, the LF-Ch can be driven in electric-only mode, which Lexus provocatively describes as a function "not available to drivers of mild hybrids".


There has been talk for some time that Lexus is working on a competitor to BMW’s 1 Series to compete for younger buyers - the LF-CH Compact Hybrid likely provides clues as to what we might expect from Lexus for an entrant to this market.

Lexus Australia CEO John Roca believes that a Lexus that sits below the IS 250 in size and price would be perfect for Australia.

He commented that younger buyers are more open to and knowledgeable of the Lexus brand as a luxury badge, while older buyers are more traditionally inclined to favour European luxury brands.


The Lexus LF-Ch concept, along with the full technical details, will be revealed at Frankfurt next week. Watch this space.

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