BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Sports Car Concept: Teaser Video

Mike Stevens | Aug 27, 2009

SPY PHOTOS revealed by TMR earlier this month, purportedly of the upcoming eco-friendly BMW concept car destined for Frankfurt next month, were quickly debunked by BMW as simply images of an old aerodynamics test mule.

The German carmaker announced its intentions in late July to bring a 'green' sports car concept to the Frankfurt Motor Show. BMW's Klaus Draeger said that the concept we'll see in September will bear styling inspired by the Homage and is not the recently-spied vehicle seen under wraps.

Today, BMW has released its first teaser video of the upcoming car, known as the Vision EfficientDynamics concept.

In keeping with the teaser video tradition, much of the video is made up sweeping roads, with engine noise noticeably absent - presumably to push the 'eco-friendly' angle.

Only the briefest glimpse of the car is offered - showing a detail of the aerodynamics (top photo) - but it's likely to be the first of a few over coming weeks of the Vision EfficientDynamics concept.

Speaking to German magazine AutoTelegraaf, Dr Draeger said the sports car will showcase BMW’s EfficientDynamics powertrain technology, as well as a range of sustainable construction methods and environmentally-conscious materials.

BMW is understood to be exploring the viability of the green sports car as a production model.

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