Tony O'Kane | Aug 21, 2009

SKODA AND VOLKSWAGEN have updated the recommended fuel grades for much of their petrol-powered model ranges, with most engines now declared safe to run on 95 RON fuel.

Virtually all VW Group petrol engines have, up until now, required the more expensive 98 RON fuel, which typically retails for 13-14 cents more than regular unleaded.

With Skoda and Volkswagen's 2010 range now approved for use with the less costly 95 RON unleaded, owners of petrol-powered cars from both marques should stand to benefit from reduced running costs.

All Skoda petrol engines have been deemed fully compatible with 95 RON, although Volkswagen recommends that a select few of its models continue to be fuelled with 98 octane.


The Passat R36, Passat CC 3.6 FSI, Golf R32 and the upcoming Golf GTI will still demand 98 RON premium unleaded, but the rest of the Golf and Passat range are compatible with 95 octane.

The Jetta, Eos, New Beetle Tiguan and Touareg have also been declared safe to be driven on 95 octane.

Owners uncertain of these changes should contact their local Volkswagen dealer for more information.

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