Steane Klose | May 7, 2007

Lutz pushes the 'on-again' button

In a complete about face Bob Lutz is now saying that RWD is no longer ‘on-hold’. In fact GM will continue to develop rear-wheel-drive cars just more fuel efficient ones.

It would seem that the exporting of VE Commodores to US where they would sell as Pontiac G8’s is definitely back on. Not that we really thought it wasn’t, it’s just the last few weeks have been rather confusing and the reality is no-one has really known what is or isn’t on…except Lutz and he wasn’t making it any clearer.


The other GM products that appear to have escaped the executioner include the Camaro which is due in 2008 and the Impala due in 2009.

“Frankly, I think we’ll wind up concluding that we should go ahead and do the cars, albeit possibly with some different power-train options and so forth.” Said Lutz

Well, that seems sorted out now…sort of.

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