Mike Stevens | Aug 14, 2009

"DARKEST LEGAL TINT" is a common term in car window tinting advertisements, and now car owners in New South Wales have even more reason to look for those words.

NSW Highway Police Officers have this week been issued with a new electronic device that can measure the darkness of a window's tint, allowing officers to determine immediately if a fine is warranted.

Cars with windows tinted darker than the legal limit face fines up to $84.

NSW law requires that side and rear windows allow at least 35 percent of outside light to pass through, but according to Rob Hamilton, President of the Window Film Association of Australia, federal law allows rear windows to be darker.

"These automotive film rules are not widely known, which is why the instance of illegally-darkened windows is so high," Mr Hamilton said in a statement.

"Drivers need to abide by state regulations because if a car is deemed unroadworthy due to dark film, it may receive a defect notice."

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