Steane Klose | Feb 21, 2008

Toyota has taken a novel and quite sensible approach in researching the design of their proposed Compact Sports car – purported to be the spiritual successor to the AE86. They’ve turned to the internet and sought counsel from those in the know, fans of the original.

An unnamed Toyota engineer is reported to have made contact with the founder of Club4AG, with a view to tapping into the thoughts of the legion of Toyota fans represented by the Club4AG forum.

Moto Miwa is the founder of Club4AG and his meeting with one of Toyota’s chief design engineers was suggested by a senior official at Toyota’s R&D department as well as the principal designer of the new Compact Sports car – who incidentally oversaw the development of the original AE86.

So what do the Club4AG members want to see from Toyota this time around? No surprises here…they want a lightweight, rear-wheel drive, DOHC four-cylinder powered car with a chassis that allows for plenty of aftermarket modification.

Lets hope that having taken this unique approach, Toyota listen to the suggestions made by the folks at Club4AG. If they do, then we could see an affordable instant modern classic that combines the spirit of the original AE86 with the benefits of today’s technology.

Keep it simple Toyota and you will have a huge hit on your hands!

[Source: Autoblog and Club4AG]

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