Honda CT110 'Postie Bike' Released For The Road

Mike Stevens | Jul 16, 2009

HONDA HAS THIS WEEK announced that the legendary 'Postie Bike', the Honda CT110, is now available direct to the public in road-registrable form.

Popular in regional areas as a farming bike and recognised around Australia for its widespread use by Australia Post (and is currently the second-highest selling bike in the country), the Honda CT110 has built a strong enthusiast following since its release in 1980.

The CT110 features a 4-stroke 105cc OHC single-cylinder engine and dual-range four-speed transmission with a heel toe shifter and an automatic centrifugal clutch.

A wet sump oil system and closed chain guard also serve to make the CT110 one of the easier bikes to maintain.

In keeping with its retro styling and famed reputation for rugged utility, the CT110 features front and rear carriers, and for ease of use, left and right side stands are standard as well.


The CT110's low seat height also makes it ideal for smaller riders eager for something more than a simple scooter, but with the same ease of use.

The Honda CT110 is available from Honda dealers now, with a Manufacturer's List Price of $3490.

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  • Captain Nemo says,
    6 years ago
    1 like
    Awesome all Honda have to do now is make it in some funky colours and it will remain a hit.
  • Slug says,
    6 years ago
    can you register an older one?
    If no what can you do to register on old one?
  • PeterB says,
    6 years ago
    A true collectable.

    Now if only everyone rode one into the city and left their cars at home....
    • Jones says,
      2 years ago
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      Yep, only if here in Victoria rego for a scooter/motorcycle did not cost as much as for a car. Thus not as many ride into the city cause if you are forced to pay rego same as for a car, you might as well drive in a car, nice and dry and comfortable with a radio and heater on...and so on... State of Victoria is not genuine on reduction of car traffic and encouragement of alternative modes of transport such as a scooter or motorcycle because if they were, the rego costs would be lower for scooters and motorcycles...
  • says,
    5 years ago
    I have just purchased a postie bike and was just wondering how much it generally is to register one??
  • Phil Robinson says,
    2 years ago
    April 2013.
    Have just ridden 4,500 Klm from Perth Western Australia to Melbourne Victoria with 25 guys all on Honda CT110 "ex Australia Post" Postie Bikes.
    The cause - " Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia" raising awareness !
    Result - AU $ 417,000 raised which will be dedicated to research into this cancer which will impact over 20,000 Australian Men this year.
    The Bike - AMAZING - mine had over 28,000 Klm on the clock when it left daily service with Australia Post. Other than a service, new brake shoes, new chain and sprockets, basically nothing else was changed, just a good service.
    Flat out over 11 days - never missed a beat !!

    Mr Honda - an amazing testament to you and your company - you build a phenomenal motorcycle!

    No - I have no intention of selling - my respect for this amazing motorcycle ensures it stays in the family for weekly rides - incredible !
  • KunJae says,
    2 years ago
    I wish these bikes were available in the United States but they stopped being available in 1986. I live near the Cascade mountains in Washington State U.S.A. I have two 1968 CT90s which I drive in the mountains every week. They are very faithful bikes and I will drive them until they die.

  • Mike Hightower says,
    2 years ago
    I want to know where I can purchase a new ct 110 honda.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Dan says,
      10 months ago
      1 like
      I live is New York City USA. I would like to purchase a NEW CT110. Can anyone help?