Steane Klose | Feb 14, 2008

Aston Martin, like many manufacturers of high-performance cars, spend a lot of time at the Nurburgring, continuously testing and honing their product. They may never admit to it (with the possible exception of Nissan) but lap times of the ‘Ring are a benchmark by which all performance cars are judged.

The famous race track makes a perfect test track, with imperfect tarmac surfaces, every combination of bends imaginable and of course plenty of uphill and downhill sections. Aston Martin have announced overnight that they are in the process of converting an existing building at Meuspath, adjacent to the circuit to be used as their new Nurburgring Test Centre.

"The Nϋrburgring has played a vital part in improving the performance and durability of all modern Aston Martins. Our new test centre will allow us to further increase the performance of our cars and to share something of the unique Nordschleife experience with our customers," said Aston Martin's CEO, Dr Ulrich Bez

Aston Martin subject each of their new models to 10,000km of high speed testing that has to be successfully conducted before the each model is signed-off. The new facilities will enhance Aston’s current testing procedures and become a permanent base for the company’s engineering and development team.

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