Tony O'Kane | Jul 10, 2009

WHILE ITALIAN SCOOTER manufacturer Piaggio is currently the only brand offering a hybrid scooter for sale, it appears they won't have the petrol-electric motorcycle market to themselves for long.

Peugeot has announced its intent to bring out a hybrid scooter of its own, which will be based on the HYmotion 3 concept and be powered by a supercharged 125cc petrol engine driving the rear wheel and two electric motors driving each front wheel.


Fuel consumption is estimated to be an ultra-low 2.0l/100km and CO2 emissions are rumoured to hover around the 47g/km mark. Those are slightly higher numbers than the Piaggio, but given the HYmotion's semi-enclosed design some may be willing to forgo a little economy in exchange for better protection from the elements.

There's no word yet on how far the on-board battery will take you in EV mode, nor whether a plug-in charging system will be supplied.


Regenerative braking and a start-stop system were key features of the concept, however if Peugeot launches the HYmotion 3 without a plug-in charging capability it will be at a significant disadvantage to the Piaggio which, theoretically, could run indefinitely without petrol.

Peugeot's current plans for the HYmotion 3 see production beginning before the end of 2010. Pricing and market launch dates are still a mystery.

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