Tony O'Kane | Jul 9, 2009

ARRO, THE AUSTRALIASIAN Road Rescue Organisation, will be holding its annual road rescue challenge in Sydney from this Friday, bringing together accident response crews from around the region to find out who is the best at the unenviable job of extricating crash victims from twisted wreckage.

Rescue crews from across Australia will compete against crews from New Zealand and Hong Kong at the Australian Technology Park in Redfern, and will be judged on the speed, efficiency and safety of their simulated rescues.

The event also incorporates a road rescue symposium, where all the competitors can share their knowledge and techniques with one another.


Holden has donated several pre-loved (ie. pre-crashed) Commodore and Statesman development vehicles for the event, most of which will likely meet their ultimate end at the hands of a set of hydraulic cutters.

The competition ends on Sunday July 12, after which the winners will be announced.

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