Tony O'Kane | Jul 9, 2009

BOUTIQUE SPORTS CAR manufacturer Caterham has announced that soaring demand for the company's lightweight, stripped-down specials has prompted it to increase output by around 10 percent.

While most mainstream manufacturers are still fighting hard to bounce back from the economic downturn, it appears the highly-specialised market for track-day specials has experienced an early marked recovery.

But to put that into perspective, the 10 percent rise in production only translates to about 40 extra cars, bringing Caterham's 2009 production numbers up to 450 vehicles.

In addition, prior to the global economic crisis, Caterham throttled back its assembly line in anticipation of lower sales. Perhaps then it's now more a case of "business as usual" than "business is booming".

caterham_r500_01Outright volume aside though, it's hard not to ignore Caterham's expansion. While it continues to offer just the one basic bodystyle, the range has been boosted this year by the addition of the Roadsport 175 and the Superlight 300.

Not only that, but the recent addition of several continental European dealers to Caterham's distribution network will also do much to encourage future growth.

Not bad for a low-volume British manufacturer whose entire catalogue is based on a 40 year-old design.

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