Steane Klose | Feb 11, 2008

It would come as no surprise to the average Aussie car enthusiast that bold pictures of HSV’s and FPV’s on the covers of our local car mags does more for monthly circulation figures than pretty much anything else – such is the popularity of these brands amongst the everyday folk.

In the lead-up to the 2007 Sydney Motor Show, Wheels magazine speculated in a very ‘certain of themselves’ manner, that HSV would be taking the wraps off of a new LS7 7.0-litre powered GTS, they even went so far as to suggest it would be called the GTS-R. In reality, the ‘special’ car that HSV had to show us was the snooze-worthy 20th Anniversary Clubsport.

Fast forward a few months and the speculation is rife again, this time its Motor magazine, whose March 2008 issue features a photoshop of a HSV sedan sporting a polycarbonate ZR1 Corvette hood window and LS9 6.2-litre supercharged mill to match. A 462kW/620hp HSV – hmmm?

It has been whispered that HSV have something naughty planned for the Melbourne show. ‘Something’ that will assist Holden in drawing attention away from the public debut of Ford’s much anticipated Orion Falcon range.

As much as one would like to think it was the GTS-R, experience would suggest that an LS9 powered GTS-R will remain the creation of Motor mags marketing department - but...

[Image source: Autoblog]

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