Audi Satellite Navigation Systems Get An Update

Mike Stevens | Jul 1, 2009

AUDI HAS REFRESHED its in-car satellite navigation systems with higher screen resolution, improved and faster route calculation, and support for SD memory cards up to 32gb in capacity via its radio-navigation system, RNS-E.

The system's 6.5-inch display has had its resolution boosted to 800x480 pixels, while route calculation benefits from a new 600MHz processor.


Speed limit information joins the recommended lane data on the split-screen display, while users now have the ability to scroll vertically and horizontally in the map - not unlike Google Maps on a desktop computer - as well as preview the route ahead through the same scrolling method.

MP3 players such as the Apple iPod are supported - along with other external storage devices - via the optional Audi music interface, which will allow motorists to play media off their portable devices while charging them.


An optical parking assistant has been added to the system as an option, which displays the distance from objects during reverse and parallel parking.

Audi's updated satellite navigation system is available for the Audi A3, TT and R8 in European markets now, with a release in international markets to follow later this year.

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  • Mark Bedford says,
    6 years ago
    I have used the old system extensively in the Audi R8 and found even the old version to be one of the best OEM sat nav systems I've used between cars.
  • WOB-GTI says,
    6 years ago
    These changes were introduced as part of the MY10 upgrades which began for cars built from week 22 onwards (A3/S3 range at least). My new car, with this nav system, was built in week 23 and is currently off the coast of South Africa and is due for delivery around mid August.

    A similar system, at least with the iPod integration, has been available in the A4 range for some time now.
  • Chris Watson says,
    6 years ago
    Does anyone know if POI's like speed cameras can be loaded onto this system.

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