Mike Stevens | Jul 29, 2010

BMW has announced today that its Speed Limit Information Display system, first previewed in 2008 and revealed in greater detail last year, will debut in Australia this year with the 2010 7 Series.

With the new technology, BMW vehicles equipped with the system will be able to monitor roadsides for speed limit signs, displaying the posted speed in the instrument panel or head-up display. Thus allowing drivers to tailor their speed to suit.

As part of the system's development, engineers from BMW’s head office in Munich visited Australia to test the speed sensing system across over 5,000 kilometres of road, including urban and regional areas.

The general concept is that a camera mounted within the vehicle constantly monitors roadsides for speed signs, and cross-references detected signs with GPS data held by the navigation system.

In cases where road works may be in progress, the lower limit will be displayed for the driver to adjust their speed accordingly.

Both painted signs and variable electronic signs can be recognised by the system. At no point does the technology intervene to limit the drivers’ speed, instead displaying the limit leaving the cars actual speed up to the drivers’ discretion.

“This technology is a first for the Australian market, and typifies the approach BMW takes in respect to development of cutting-edge technology solutions,” BMW Australia Managing Director, Stavros Yallouridis said.

“The ultimate driving machine must offer unrivalled performance capabilities, as well as the most advanced safety systems available in the world today” he said.

The Speed Limit Information System, which operates in conjunction with BMW’s Navigation System Professional, will debut on the BMW 760Li, 750Li and 750i later this year as a standard fitment item.

Customers will also be able to specify the system across the remainder of the 7 Series range, as well as 5 Series Gran Turismo, 5 Series Sedan and 5 Series Touring for $700.

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