First Corvette ZR1 auctioned for US$1 million

Steane Klose | Jan 21, 2008

The recent Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale Arizona has seen the very first “retailable” Corvette ZR1 sell for a cool US$1,000,000 and that’s not including auction fees. If you are not concerned about owning the numero uno ZR1 then waiting for the second, third or even fourth ZR1 would save you US$900,001 and the auction fees…of course.

The proceeds from the ZR1's sale, along with a trio of collectable authentic NASCAR Chevy Monte Carlo racecar hoods, will benefit United Way for Southeast Michigan.

The successful bidder was a chap by the name of Dave Ressler, who will also enjoy the following benefits that come with the purchase of the first ZR1.

• Delivery of the vehicle at the National Corvette Museum

• 3 days of High Performance Driving, with Corvette racer Ron Fellows

• Tickets to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno

• A personal tour of Jay Leno's "Big Dog" garage

In comparison, a far more reasonable US$675,000 would have bought you Carroll Shelby’s very own 1969 Shelby GT500 Convertible owned by the legend since new. Which just goes to show that with cashed-up petrolheads, its not always just about the investment.

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  • Gunnar Heinrich says,
    8 years ago
    Somebody's always gotta be number one. And it's a marketing miracle that someone so desired to own the very first of what will be thousands to follow.
  • Gunnar Heinrich says,
    8 years ago
    Between friends?
  • Ron Rise says,
    8 years ago
    He should have negotiated a better warranty!smile
    Seriously, all for a good cause and a fun way to spend your money!
    Good for Dave!