Tony O'Kane | Jun 16, 2009

FIRST IT WAS ON, then it was off.

Now it appears that a low-cost lightweight Porsche model could be back on the cards again, with German media outlet Automobilwoche reporting that the marque is still considering a 'cheap n' cheerful' (well, relatively) entry-level model to sit beneath the Boxster.

Rumblings of such a car have existed since March, however the plans were assumed to have been put on the backburner after the global financial crisis scuttled VW's BlueSport roadster project: the car that was expected to form the basis for the 'Baby Porsche'.

But now, with development of the Volkswagen BlueSport (pictured) back in full swing, it appears Porsche is giving serious thought about whether it wants to capitalise on the mid-engined, rear-drive architecture on offer.

While nothing has been locked in as yet, a BlueSport-based Porsche would likely weigh around the 1000kg mark and utilise one of the Volkswagen Group's many four-cylinder engines.

The Bluesport platform is designed to accomodate anything up to a V6, but transverse engines are a must - thus eliminating the prospect of Porsche utilising its own engine lineup.

With the project yet to receive the green light don't expect it to land anytime soon. Is the world ready for a modern-day successor to the 914? It's a gamble that Porsche may just be willing to take.

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