Steane Klose | Jan 11, 2008

It has been rumoured for some time now that Bugatti were looking at producing a more affordable supercar than the Veyron, so the following piece of news is a little surprising. Instead of aiming for cheaper there are some suggestions that Bugatti are looking at developing a car faster than the already ridiculously fast Veyron.

If the rumours are true then expect a super...super car that will cost more than the Veyron’s €1 million sticker price, have an output around 1,175hp and top 400km/h. The big difference (aside from price, power and performance...) is that the rumoured new car would be less of a Grand Tourer like the Veyron and more of a track capable machine, with an estimated Nurburgring lap time of 6mins 40 seconds.

Rumour has it that the Super Bug was set to be released in 2009 at a cost of €2.5 million but Volkswagen Group CEO, Martin Winterkorn has put the project on hold. The Super Bug would use a modified version of the Veyron’s quad turbo W16, which would make it the worst value for money horsepower upgrade in the history of horsepower upgrades, with each horsepower over and above the Veyrons 1,000hp output costing some €8,571...

[Source: Auto Motor und Sport via MotorAuthority]

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