Porsche Confirms Hybrid Panamera For 2011

Steane Klose | Aug 2, 2010

Porsche has made a big thing out of its four-door Panamera, and now news has come through that the German sports and luxury carmaker has confirmed it will unveil a hybrid version of its super saloon in 2011.

The Panamera S Hybrid is expected to utilise the same technology that drives the new Cayenne Hybrid, which also features an Audi-sourced 3.0 litre V6.

While this is the first 'on paper' confirmation of the new Panamera variant, Porsche boss Michael Macht had also confirmed to the Associated Press earlier this year that it would likely follow "soon after" the debut of the Cayenne Hybrid.

As with the Cayenne Hybrid, the ultra-green Panamera is expected to feature a parallel hybrid setup, with the batteries being fitted below the boot in the rear. The electric motor will be fitted between the engine and transmission and will feature an additional clutch.


Porsche claims that fuel usage will drop by around thirty percent over the equivalent petrol-only Panamera.

Confirmation of a hybrid Panamera is yet another step towards a green-focused line-up for Porsche, with news last week that not only would it build a limited run of its 918 Spyder hybrid, but that it has also begun an electric-drive project with three specialised Boxster test cars.

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