Tony O'Kane | Jun 3, 2009

LAST TIME we took a look at the ratings for the latest series of Top Gear Australia, the prognosis wasn't good. Now it's even worse.

The first and second episodes of season two pulled in 689,000 and 628,000 viewers respectively, however hopes were high that quality would improve and viewership would bounce back. It largely hasn't, and people are deserting the good ship TGA in their thousands.

Episode three saw just 608,000 people tuning in to see the show and ranked 30th nationally, while this Monday's episode only managed to rustle up 595,000 viewers and also ranked 30th. Before the first episode went to air Aussie auto enthusiasts were ecstatic that we'd finally have a Top Gear to call our own, now it appears the faithful are shunning it in a big way. What went wrong?

Top Gear Australia Season Two

It appears the presenters are finally (albeit slowly) settling into their roles, but the program itself is in dire need of a tune-up. While it had its moments, Monday's episode was fairly ho-hum and the challenges and reviews lacked the energy of the show's British parent.

Will next Monday's installment be any better? We can only hope.

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