Mike Stevens | May 25, 2009

DEVELOPED BY the minds behind the madly popular Project Gotham Racing series, Bizarre Creations, and industry stalwarts Activision, Blur is set to hit the XBOX 360, PlayStation 3 and PC platform around September to November this year.

To get gamers hearts racing, Activision has released the first trailer for its upcoming street racer, and if anyone was expecting a hardcore simulator or a simple arcade format – they’re in for a surprise.


While the visual style of the game is more than a little similar to Bizarre Creations’ PGR franchise, in Blur, you’ve got access to a range of special attacks that sit somewhere between Star Wars and Mario Kart.

The trailer doesn’t reveal too much, but when you see the lead car blown off the road by a horizontal red lightning bolt, you’ll get my drift.

[via joystiq]

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