Mike Stevens | May 12, 2009

A concept that is sure to beat commuter blues, this Honda hovercar (or perhaps a hoverbike, given the Honda Motorcycles wing logo in the images) called FUZ-O, is designer John Mahieddine’s idea of a flying car that would hit speeds of up to 644km/h (400mph).

The (VTOL) Vertical Take-Off and Landing vehicle is a “futuristic fantasy with four high-powered turbines for high-speed horizontal flight and Iron-Man-like handling,” according to design news website Yanko Design.

Generating power from four turbines, resulting in high-speed horizontal flight and easy handling, the concept is finished with durable and lightweight materials, including carbon-fibre, Kevlar and carbon nano-tubes and the bubble canopy.


The flying car accommodates three passengers comfortably, including the driver. Of course, the high-tech vehicle turns its turbines into wheels to run like a normal car when on the road.

Designed to be controlled via a fly-by-wire system (using a Global Positioning System), the Honda FUZ-O claims a safe and luxurious ride for commuters.


The concept has two joysticks fixed on either armrest of the driver’s seat - the left spinning the car on its axis and the right controlling tilt and direction - together with two foot pedals that take care of power and brakes.

The FUZ-O also claims foolproof security, with internal and external airbags that open to protect the occupants, as well as the car, in case of a mishap.

Although, we’re not sure about protection if you plummet into the ground at 644km/h…


[via Yanko Design] [John Mahieddine]

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