Steane Klose | Dec 6, 2007

While most car manufacturers shop around for the cheapest components, screw their suppliers to the wall and generally do what they have to do in order to keep prices down and profits up, Ferrari operate on a different level altogether.

The carbon-ceramic material (CCM) discs that have been an option on various Ferrari models not to mention those of many other exotic manufacturers, can cost more than what many of us would spend on a whole car…yet Ferrari are about to make them standard equipment on all of their 2008 model cars.

CCM brake discs are just another example of F1 technology finding its way into road cars. The benefits of CCM discs include much greater resistance to heat and fade, improved longevity through resistance to wear and of course they are significantly lighter than their steel counterparts. As anyone who races cars will tell you, there are big benefits to be gained when you can decrease the unsprung weight of a car, through lighter wheels and brake components.

In the future it is not unreasonable to expect that this sort of technology will continue to become cheaper to manufacture and may one day find its way into the average car – just don’t go holding your breath waiting.

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