Tony O'Kane | May 12, 2009

Little-known Chinese carmaker the Huatai Group is allegedly working on a high-end luxury sedan, which, as chance would have it, bears a striking resemblence to an existing model from another manufacturer.

You might not pick it from looking at the thing nose-on, but from the rear it all becomes obvious: this is nothing but a shameless copy of the Bentley Continental Flying Spur, and a very poor one at that.

Huatai Group Bentley

The front features Bentley's signature mesh grille flanked by a pair of the most mis-matched headlights ever to be haphazardly slapped on an automobile. The rear is almost a complete facsimilie of the Bentley, and the cherry on top is the BMW 'inspired' badge on the car's rump.

We've little information to go on regarding when we'll see this thing in the metal (or what hides under that copyright-infringing body), but we're confident that once Bentley's corporate masters at Volkswagen get wind of these images, the Chinese Continental will never see the light of day.

Huatai Group Bentley

First the Geely GE, and now this. We understand copying other designs is a great way of minimising design costs, but poorly aping some of the world's most recognised prestige brands is more than just a little bit silly and definitely trashy.

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