Steane Klose | Apr 26, 2007

So, what is your new Porsche Turbo belting Nissan Skyline GTR going to cost? Read on…

It won't be cheap but then they never have been. The 2008 GTR will still make a Porsche Turbo look overpriced and if the rumours are true, maybe a little slow...

It seems likely that there will be three levels of specification along the following lines;

Skyline GTR – The base model will include a six-speed manual gearbox and four piston Brembo brakes. Expected price is £29,000 or US58,000. This is comparable in price to a Porsche Cayman S 3.4-litre in the US.

Skyline GTR V-Spec – The V-Spec will include a semi-automatic gearbox with the possibility of it being a DSG double clutch type. It is rumoured to be a seven-speed. Expected price is £35,000 or US70,000. This is comparable in price to a Porsche 997 3.6-litre in the US.

Skyline GTR Evolution – Same as the V-Spec but it will use light-weight carbon fibre body panels to reduce weight and will include as yet unkown modifications. Expected price is £52,000 or US104,000. This is comparable in price to a Porsche 997 GT3 in the US.

So if the 2008 Skyline GTR was to make it 'down under' you might (roughly) expect the base model to cost around $120k while the Evolution should in theory cost in the vicinity of $250k.

Given that the 2008 Skyline GTR has been designed to equal or better the Porsche 911 Turbo two things become very obvious. The first is that although expensive the Skyline GTR Evolution should be a budget priced (relative term) Porsche Turbo basher. The second is how far Mr Costello has his hands down the trousers of Australian imported car buyers.

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