Mike Stevens | May 7, 2009

Young drivers across the world will be reeling at news that Ford has developed new technology that will allow parents to exert greater control over the way their children drive, limiting the risk of an accident on the road.

Focusing on a new ‘smart key’ technology, the system will offer a range of security and safety measures, such as warning tones when certain speeds are passed, limiting the radio volume until seatbelts are fastened, and restricting the ability to deactivate traction control.

The technology, called MyKey, will feature in new Ford models from September.

ford_my-key_2 Through the MyKey system, Ford aims to promote safer driving, while encouraging parents to allow more driving time for their children.

According to Ford’s research, around 70 percent of parents supported the MyKey concept, while about the same number of young drivers disliked it. (No surprise there.)

The system is designed so that the key can be programmed with the preferred settings, which the vehicle’s computer responds to as the key is inserted into the ignition.

While similar aftermarket systems are available in Australia – many of them more intrusive – the MyKey system is the first to be offered by a manufacturer.

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