Tony O'Kane | May 6, 2009

The second series of the Top Gear Australia begins on Monday, and while last year's inaugural series failed to deliver on the hype, the show's producers reckon that this time it'll be a hit.

For those that have forgotten, Charlie Cox has left to pursue "other business interests," and renowned car enthusiast (and jazz trumpeter) James Morrison has taken his place. Warren Brown and Steve Pizzati are back, and the together the new refreshed presenter lineup should make TGA season two deliver where season one failed.

Top Gear Australia Season Two

Morrison himself was critical of the first season of TGA, and knew that to be successful, the dynamic needed to be changed.

"It wasn't about a particular host, but that the show was too much like the English show. People were saying it was too much a copy of it. I had noticed that, too," said Morrison in a recent interview with the Herald Sun.

"What was the point of doing an Australian one when it's so much like the English one?

"The English show is Jeremy Clarkson's show, but we said that that wasn't very Australian. Australians are much more egalitarian.

"In fact, if that was an Australian show, the first thing the two guys would do is pull the other guy down and tell him to pull his head in"

Will the new grouping work? Will viewers remain interested in the show after being so disappointed with the first season? You'll have to tune into SBS at 7:30pm on Monday May 11 to find out, but with the below promo vid showing plenty of automotive hijinkery to be in store, we're sure we'll get at least a bit of a kick out of it.

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