Steane Klose | Apr 25, 2007

BMW has announced that deliveries of the new E92 M3 to European customers will begin in September of this year.

Those two extra cylinders and fancy plastic roof are going to cost you...

The big news is that the price has increased over the superceded E46 M3 by 19% or 8,000 Pounds Sterling. BMW obviously want to bring their new M3's pricing in line with the competition from Audi.

The superceded E46 M3 manual retailed for $140k in Australia and a 19% increase to the sticker price would see it selling at approx $165k which is line ball with the Audi RS4.

BMW hasn't confirmed pricing in Australia yet but I wouldn't count on us getting a reprieve. An increase of this significance will have the Audi RS4 looking like better value with its quattro AWD system and second-hand prices of the old E46 M3 may stay a little stronger for a little longer.

And there you were thinking the carbon-fibre roof was going to be free...

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