Tony O'Kane | May 4, 2009

There'll only be seventy-seven of the super-exclusive Aston Martin One-77 built, and now one of them is coming Down Under.

Aston Martin has confirmed that it has received a $200,000 deposit for one of the hand-built supercars from an Australian individual, who will eventually pay around $3.8 million for the shapely Aston once all relevant taxes, import duties and transport costs have been added to the One-77's $2.03 million sticker price.

2010 Aston Martin One-77

Compared to more exotic machinery like the Bugatti Veyron, the One-77 holds the key advantage of being right-hand-drive, thus making it road-legal for Australia. Whether its new owner dares to take their One-77 out on the public road is an entirely different matter, however.

Would we rather the Aston over the Bugatti? In this country opportunities to hit 400km/h-plus are few and far between, and with the One-77 being a great deal more eye-grabbing than the relatively nondescript Veyron we'd have to admit our vote would be with the British super-coupe.

But at a cost of four mill? We'd rather just buy a suburb, thanks.

Aston Martin won't say who the mystery One-77 buyer is, however they do mention that he/she isn't the usual car-collector type. However, with the One-77 looking like nothing else on the planet, we'll probably get a good idea of who the lucky individual is once their car hits Aussie streets - assuming it's ever let out of the garage, that is.

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