Tony O'Kane | May 4, 2009

We've marvelled at the astonishing bodywork of the Jason Castriota-designed Bertone Mantide supercar, but up until now we haven't yet had an inkling of just how much such a beast would cost.

Considering it's an all-carbon bodyshell and a bespoke interior that sits atop the Nordschliefe-conquering Corvette ZR-1's underpinnings, we guesstimated the pricetag would be pretty hefty. But how hefty? Try just under AU$2.7 million.


That's a buckload of cash for a car that's based upon something as prosaic as a Chevrolet, but with Castriota himself speculating that Bertone may decide to build as many as ten examples of the Mantide, you'd be paying for the sheer exclusivity as well as the car itself.

Right now, it appears the Mantide may be heading the limited production route rather than being just a one-off museum piece. Castriota says there's been considerable interest in the car from Asia, Europe and America.

Hmm, we may yet see more of these insectoid supercars running around the globe.

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