Mike Stevens | May 1, 2009

In line with Britain’s goal of making London the world's Electric Vehicle capital, UK firm the Electric Car Corporation (ECC) has launched its own all-electric version of Citroën’s C1.

Called the C1 ev’ie, Electric Car Corporation’s version of the French minicar looks for all the world like a standard C1. The only visible change to the vehicle is the removal of its 1.0 litre petrol engine, with a 30kW electric motor taking its place.

citroen-c1-ev-chargeLithum-ion batteries fill the spare space under the bonnet and also where the fuel tank used to reside. The C1 ev’ie is capable of a top speed of 96km/h (60mph) and has a traveling range of between 100 and 120 kilometres.

Fully charging the batteries takes six to seven hours. The cost of a ‘full tank’ is said to be as little as 90p (around AUD $1.80).

Available in both three and five-door models, ECC hopes to build around 500 C1 ev’ies in the next twelve months with projections of between 2000 and 4000 units per year after that.

Of course, buyer demand and the level of government support for all-electric cars may change all that.

The biggest stumbling block for the C1 ev’ie will be price. At £16,850 (AUD $34,295) the electron powered C1 comes in at more than double the price of a regular C1, which starts at £7,795 (AUD $15,870).

Value for money? We'll let the market decide that one.

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