Tim O'Brien | Apr 27, 2009

When was the last time TMR produced a post about a building? Sometime before the last great ice age? Around the time that oracles invented weather forecasts by studying the entrails of chickens? ("Tell the slaves to row faster Fartiius, we're going waterskiing this afternoon. Buxomus the oracle says conditions will be flat...") You get the picture, it's not something we do very often.

You can never get an acceleration buzz or a cornering 'G' from a building unless the lifts fail just after you've stepped in on the top floor (or you've just discovered that a bottle of bourbon really does improve the cornering speed of an office chair).

But this building, Honda's New Diesel Plant at Ogawa in Japan, is worth a comment.In the first instance, it is noteworthy because it underlines Honda's new relationship with Rudolf Diesel's astonishingly efficient compression engine, and secondly, because it has been designed to decrease the amount of CO2 generated in the production of each engine by 40 percent during the casting process and by 25 percent in the machining phase.

It also features an ’Advanced Flexible Line’ for multiple engine production supplying cylinder blocks and casting parts for eight different types of engine, from just one production line, including the most sophisticated low-emission units.

Honda currently produces diesel engine cylinder blocks at its Suzuka factory in Japan and is to gradually transfer the casting and machining process to the new Ogawa plant. The diesel engine parts it produces will then supply the Sayama factory to go into the Accord for the European market.

It will also supply diesel engine parts for Honda’s factory in the UK at Swindon, which produces the Civic and CR-V models.

The new manufacturing facility will start production soon and is the latest initiative from Honda in building environmentally-responsible solutions into its production processes. (We don't know how fast it goes.)

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