The New Balloon-Spec Toyota Corolla Levin

Mike Stevens | Apr 23, 2009

Japanese tuning house Impulse - specialists in tuning the the enthusiast-favourite AE86 Toyota Corolla - recently posted this footage of a one-make race that sees one poor ‘Hachi’ literally punted off the track. In backyard cricket terms, we’re talking ‘over the fence and out’.

Loved for its light weight and excellent balance, the ‘Hachi Roku’ (Japanese for ‘86’) has seen a resurgence in recent years – partly for its balance, and partly due to the success of the Initial D Japanese animated series.

This time around, it looks like the poor Hachi has been a victim of its own light weight.

The AE86 has been pulled back into the spotlight in recent months – perhaps even more than when brand new – as a result of the news that Toyota and Subaru are developing a 'spiritual successor', a new rear-wheel-drive entry-level sports car.


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  • Rupewrecht says,
    7 years ago
    That's just great. Who needs an ejector seat?