Tony O'Kane | Apr 21, 2009

Ferrari Virtual Race too posh for you? Never fear; Volvo is putting the finishing touches on its own free-to-download racing sim - and it looks like an absolute barrel-load of Swedish-flavoured fun.

The imaginatively titled "Volvo - The Game" will be released on Volvo's global website on May 26, and will feature the shapely S60 Concept alongside a bunch of Volvo race cars. Two tracks will initially be available.

Volvo - The Game, S60 Concept

The game has been developed by Swedish company SimBin, who avid gamers may recognise as being the crew behind the excellent GTR series and the retro-tastic GT Legends title. In addition to being able to punt some of Volvo's finest around a racetrack, Volvo - The Game will also upload your stats to an online leaderboard so that fellow Volvo nuts may be awed by your prowess.

Like Ferrari Virtual Race, Volvo - The Game will be completely free to download. We're looking forward to getting our hands on a copy, and we've got our fingers crossed that a beat-up 240 Turbo wagon will be a playable car. Here's hoping.

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