Mike Stevens | Apr 21, 2009

While the Chinese automotive industry marches forward in its efforts to equal the quality and style of its more established peers overseas, General Motors unveiled the new seven seats and five-door Buick Business MPV Concept today at the Shanghai Motor Show.

Designed in China, this concept borrows heavily from both familiar Buick design language and traditional Chinese art forms and artefacts. (An interesting marriage of concepts there.)

Its sleek LED headlamps show the direct influence of 'liuli', a modern crystal sculpture art form, while the grille boasts the familiar 'waterfall' design that has become a Buick icon. Flanking the bonnet are intepretations of Buick's traditional portholes.


In keeping with its Shanghai Motor Show outing, the exterior colour is Zitan Purple, borrowing its name and hue from rare Chinese zitan wood.

This stylish Buick utilises the next-generation GM Hybrid System, improving fuel efficiency and reducing tailpipe greenhouse gas emissions by turning off the engine while the vehicle is idling, and extending regenerative braking to capture and re-use more energy.


With the addition of an advanced lithium-ion battery and more powerful electric motor to the current belt-alternator-starter hybrid technology, fuel efficiency is improved by up to 20 percent.

GM Pacific boss, Nick Reilly said that GM China is likely to expand its exports to the rest of the world if so-called global models such as the Buick Business MPV Concept go into production in China.


Would this work for Holden should it source this people mover for the Aussie market? Not quite sure that I can see 'footy mums' and 'business dads' fighting over the keys...

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