Tony O'Kane | Apr 21, 2009

Now is most definitely not a great time to be a luxury carmaker. The global economic crisis has taken its toll everywhere, and the moneyed-up elite, who usually had no qualms about forking over mega-dollars for the latest in automobile-excess, are instead hiding their pennies under a mattress.

But according to Bentley, the end of our economic woes is coming next year; and so they're forging ahead with a raft of new vehicles to take advantage of an anticipated post-crisis boom in luxury car sales.

"We know that coming out of the dip is when new models will pay off," Stuart McCullough, Bentley sales and marketing spokesman said.

"We have done enough work with our customers to understand what they are thinking and when they are likely to be back in the market."

To capitalise on the expected rush on new-car showrooms, Bentley has brought forward the release dates for several of its upcoming models. The Continental GT's replacement, originally slated for a 2011 release, will likely debut in 2010, while the Continental Flying Spur and Continental GTC convertible will follow soon after.

The next-gen Bentley Arnage is expected to surface soon, and may also be fast-tracked to the showroom as well.

Look's like Bentley's woodworking team won't be making cabinets for too much longer...

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