Mike Stevens | Apr 17, 2009

Certain badges simply can’t be retired. Nissan’s Z and GT-R models, the MINI, the Beetle, the Camaro. Some of them have seen a model in showrooms in just about every decade since their birth; others have had the cobwebs dusted off the badge and joined us again after a long absence.

In the case of the Ford Mustang, it meant a string of models through the later 70s, 80s and into the 90s that weren’t quite real ‘Stangs. But the important thing is that the line was maintained and the brand is now 'back in form' in the 2000s.

Now, the Mustang is turning 45 and Ford is celebrating the fact with a campaign called ‘The ‘10 Unleashed’. They’re speaking, of course, of the 2010 Ford Mustang.


"During its 45 years, Mustang has touched people's lives in so many different ways, and we've enjoyed hearing those stories leading up to the introduction of the new 2010 Mustang," Allison Revier, Ford Mustang brand manager said.

"Now, it's time to look forward and create new stories to fill the next chapter in the history book of America's favorite muscle car."

Fans of the ‘Stang are invited to submit a 250 word story explaining what they would like to do in the new Mustang (while amusing, we doubt any stories involving the back seat would get you far).

The winning entries will be given the chance to turn that wish into a reality.

The festivities don’t end there, though. Enthusiasts from all over the USA are gathering in Alabama for a four-day event to help the Mustang celebrate its 45th birthday.

Fans are invited to bring their ponies along, and a number of ‘1964.5’ Mustangs will accompany their owners to the event.


"Technically, all of the original Mustangs are 1965 models," said John Clor, author of The Mustang Dynasty, "but true enthusiasts know that production of the car ran for a year and a half and that the car changed after the first six months."

Some Mustang fans attending have owned their Mustangs for the greater part of their lives. Like Laki Malamatenios, who drove his Poppy Red 1964.5 model from California to Alabama.

"My 'Poppy' is something special. This car is a chronicle of my life with my family - some happy memories, some sad, but always interesting. Whenever I drive it, my whole life flashes before my eyes."


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