Steane Klose | Apr 17, 2009

Ron Dennis will be landing firmly on his feet as he leaves McLaren Racing over the 'Stewardsgate' debacle.

News today puts Dennis at the helm of McLaren Automotive where he will oversee work on the upcoming McLaren P11 Supercar.

Dennis had this to say on the future of McLaren:

"The reorganisation of the McLaren Group is an extraordinarily ambitious plan. We plan to double the value of McLaren within the next three to five years. We have to grow beyond F1 and I truly believe our timing is right."

New information has also come to light regarding the hotly anticipated successor to the McLaren F1.

Only 4000 examples will be produced, with pricing and performance to vary according to customer requirements.


McLaren is pitching the P11 above such potential competitors as the Ferrari F430 and Lamborghini Gallardo in both performance, price, and specifications.

High-mounted exhausts and a flat floor pan are to feature, while the car is also claimed to be environmentally-friendly (might be a bit of 'green-wash' in that claim).

Whether this implies a hybrid drive train or something like a road-going version of the Kinetic Energy Recovery System used in F1 is anyone's guess.

At this stage the P11 is set for release in 2011 but we expect further information to trickle out of McLaren as work continues.

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