Tony O'Kane | Apr 16, 2009

Transportation design students from Italy's Instituto Europeo di Design were tasked with creating concept models on what they thought the next-gen Prius of 2010-2015 might look like. Here's ten of the best submissions.

We're fond of the white-and-orange shooting-brake style design (above), but the rest are either too plain, too weird, or just unimaginative derivatives on the Prius' dumpy form. Curiously, if you squint a bit pretty much all of them look like designer sneakers too.

Still, the majority of them are a fair whack more interesting to look at than the current 2009 Toyota Prius. Will we see ToMoCo adopting any of these students' design cues in the next generation of Prius? Don't count on it.

[via Carscoop]

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