Mike Stevens | Apr 15, 2009

A source inside General Motors has apparently confirmed that the production of the Cadillac Converj coupe will go ahead if the car giant can solidify its financial standing.

Motor Trend reports that GM Execs are looking at a sale date in 2011, although the source stressed that it would depend on improved finances for GM, and the US government's reaction to the next version of the automaker's viability plan due June 1.


A production Converj would improve Cadillac's green image. The drivetrain would be similar to the lithium-ion battery pack and 1.4 litre four-cylinder engine to be used in the Chevy Volt.

Having such advanced green technology would seemingly resonate well with the Obama administration and the public.


The Converj concept was one of the stars at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show and General Motors used it to showcase its plug-in hybrid technology in a luxury platform.

GM’s Bob Kruse indicated at the time that added battery mass will make the Cadillac a more powerful car than the Volt.


The svelte concept is built on the same platform as the upcoming Chevrolet Volt (to be sold locally as the Holden Volt).

Although the Cadillac CTS Coupe was canned before reaching our shores, we’ve got our fingers crossed that GM sorts out its money woes and that we also see this stunner on our roads in 2012.

[via Motor Trend]

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