Tony O'Kane | Apr 15, 2009

We know it's based on a Corvette ZR-1, we know it's got more sharp edges than a combine harvester and now we know its name.

Bertone's latest project, previously called "Project M", will wear the Mantide badge on its rump when it debuts at next week's Shanghai auto show, and from what little we've seen of the finished car we're betting that name will be on the lips of many a show-goer.

So what's in a name? With his seemingly encyclopedic knowledge of flora and fauna, our very own Insider was the man to ask. However, the instant we let him out of his barrel he simply sprinted to the nearest computer and plugged "Mantide" into Wikipedia.

Bertone Project M

Whatever. Turns out Mantide is a derivative of the latin name for a family of insects, of which the praying mantis belongs to.

The frontal shot we showed you yesterday (above) and the partial profile shot below certainly show some kind of insectoid influence, and with the Vette's potent muscle lurking beneath that carbon-fibre skin this is definitely something you don't want to tangle with.

Bertone Mantide

So far it's looking good. We've yet to see an angle that reveals the Mantide's hindquarters, but if the front is any indication then it's bound to eye-catching. We'll have more for you once the covers drop at Shanghai on April 23, so keep that dial locked on TMR.

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