Mike Stevens | Apr 15, 2009

Though the beleaguered Saab is battling all manner of setbacks as it tries to secure the future of its operations, some good news has arrived for 49 of Saab's Trollhättan employees.

After announcing that 750 jobs would need to be cut, Saab has emerged from labour union negotiations with a smaller list of positions to be retrenched.

While 701 jobs are still to be scrapped, the result comes as welcome news for both Saab and its employees - the ones who get to stay on, that is.


Initially, 650 blue collar staff and 100 white collar Saab workers were facing the chop. This has now been revised to 646 blue collar and 55 white collar positions to be made redundant.

Of course, with only four less assembly workers going and a full 45 extra white collars staying on, the shouts of joy aren't likely to be coming from the factory floor.

These revisions aside, Saab’s parent company, General Motors, is still offering the brand for sale. No specific party has come forward as a possible purchaser, however, current speculation places Chinese auto makers at the top of the list.

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