Mike Stevens | Apr 10, 2009

So you work in the city, live in the ‘burbs, and can’t stand public transport? Hey, I hear you. I’ve got no problem with wanting to save the environment, but I’m no 'train-sardine' chum.

Still, driving into the city in the morning is no picnic either. You’ve got the comfort of your own car in the ‘positives’ category, but the crawl on the freeway is a solidly drawn (and redrawn) cross in the ‘negatives’ column.

If you can afford it (and aren’t already entitled to it as an executive), paid reserved parking can go a long way towards taking the edge off the painful commute and rubbish breakfast radio.

Until, that is, you find yourself in the following situation…

Random internet citizen ‘Ches’ recently had an 'Adventure In Reserved Parking'.

A few weeks ago, some guy in a shitty BMW parked in my 'reserved and paid for' parking spot, in a small lot. I printed out an A4 (12pt text) note stating that this was a paid-for parking spot and not to park there again.

A couple of days later, he parked there again. I printed out an A3 (42pt text) sign stating 'Reserved Parking, Do not park here' sign and used spray adhesive (3M®) to mount it on the wall in front of my spot.

When I went to park in my spot the next day, he had scrawled, after ‘Reserved Parking', the words 'For Wankers'.

About three days later I saw his car parked in the street, so I printed out a poster in A2 (92pt text) with the word 'F***head' and applied it with spray adhesive to his windscreen, ensuring (as per instructions) that I sprayed both materials to be bonded.

The disadvantage of course is that I am now too scared to park in my spot, but he is also too scared to park there - so I will class this as a draw for the moment and find a new spot.

Instant karma Ches: a sorry, but perfect, snooker.

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