Tony O'Kane | Apr 9, 2009

Not content with supercharging Audis, tweaking Lamborghinis and bolting turbos to X-Bows, German tuning house Motoren Technik Mayer (MTM for the rest of us) has now turned its hand to The Netherlands' finest automotive export, Spyker.

More specifically, they've decided to fit a supercharger to the 4.2 litre Audi V8 of the Spyker C8 Double 12S, itself a road-going version of the C8 Double 12R Le-Mans race car.

Spyker C8 Double 12S - MTM supercharged

MTM's tuning package is only available for the lower-spec 298kW (400hp) variant of the Double 12 (there's a bonkers 448kW version available), but the MTM supercharger kit takes power up to a very respectable 373kW - the perfect middle ground for those that prefer their supercars a little less homicidal.

Torque also rises from 480Nm to 570Nm (420lb.ft), but all this extra grunt is going to cost you. MTM charge €40,000 for the parts alone, with installation estimated to cost a further €5831. The Double 12S doesn't come cheap either, and being a rare bird (only 14 have been built) you certainly pay for the exclusivity.

Still, you're virtually guaranteed to be the only kid on your block with a supercharged Dutch supercar. Isn't that what it's all about?

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