Mike Stevens | Apr 8, 2009

Using a Life Cycle Assessment system, Honda has established that the vast majority of its CO2 emissions are caused during the operation of its vehicles, with only a small percentage occurring during the manufacturing process.

In its efforts to achieve a 10 percent global CO2 decrease across its automotive model range and 20 percent for its motorcycle and power equipment offerings, Honda Australia Senior Director Lindsay Smalley said Honda is making solid progress.


Smalley said Honda has reduced its vehicles’ emissions by 6 percent since 2000 and achieved a 7.2 percent reduction per unit during production.

“A remarkable 41 per cent reduction in CO2 emissions has been achieved during production of motorcycles and a 9.7 per cent reduction for power products.

“Honda is investing time, money and resources to better understand our impact on the environment,” Mr. Smalley said.

As part of its goal, Honda is aiming the improve efficiency through the development and research of sustainable fuel alternatives, along with advanced studies into exhaust emissions, fuel efficiency improvements, noise reduction and enhanced recyclability.

Honda’s ‘green’ attitude doesn’t start and stop with its vehicles, though, with Honda dealerships and offices around the world committing to more environmentally processes and products in their day-to-day dealings.

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