Mike Stevens | Apr 6, 2009

The internet’s a funny place. Cars can go a few years without any major updates, but online it just can’t be done. What was sharp and funky a year ago can feel boring and plain a year later.

For that and a few other reasons - including a desire to increase readability and overall site functionality - we started taking an axe to TMR a little while ago and began working on a snappy new facelifted TMR: The Motor Report MkIII. Version 3. Series 3. Okay, so we’re still deciding on the nomenclature.

Jokes aside, the new TMR is set to launch tonight. Our Facebook fans knew about it yesterday, of course. Are you following TMR on Facebook?

Given the time, most of our Aussie readers won’t see it until tomorrow morning, but the nightowls and our international readers will see TMR3 later tonight.

There’ll be some ‘down time’ while we make the switch, so if you visit later and discover that the site is down, or you see some weird stuff going on, have no fear!

Because the new site is markedly different to the current TMR in a few ways, it may take us a little while to iron out all of the bugs. We’ll of course do our best to make the process as pain-free for our readers as possible.

For now, stay tuned!

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