Tony O'Kane | Apr 3, 2009

When you've got a car that weighs slightly more than a pocketful of lint, you don't need big power to get it moving in a hurry.

Try telling that to the lovable (but slightly bonkers) Germans at MTM.

They've gone and strapped a turbocharger to the KTM X-Bow's VW-sourced 2.o litre four pot, slapped a new tune into the ECU, beefed up the injectors and rejigged the intake plumbing to extract a full 234kW (318hp) and 415Nm (306lb.ft).

That's a lot compared to the 177kW/310Nm dished up by the standard mill, and it's an astonishing amount of grunt for the 700kg X-Bow. In fact, MTM's kit gives the X-Bow better power-to-weight ratio than a Porsche Carrera GT.

The price of entry for all this insanity is €7382, or $13,874 Australian Pesos. If you're man enough - or mad enough - to fit this to your own X-Bow, head over to MTM's site for more info.

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