Steane Klose | Apr 2, 2009

Have you been eagerly awaiting the expected BMW Z2 'baby' sports convertible? We have...

Sadly but not unexpectedly given the global fiscal rogering that is well into its stride, it appears that the world's press just may have been jumping at shadows on this occasion.

Our friends over at the UK motoring site iMotor contacted us overnight and according to their source (someone on the inside at BMW) the Z2 is, well it just isn't.

“Everyone in the motoring media seems to be talking about this car but it’s not on my product plan and that lists the forthcoming models for the next 10 years,” the BMW insider told iMotor.

iMotor rightly points out that all this really means is that the Z2 hasn't yet been signed off, as only signed-off 'green-lighted' models will appear on the future model lists.

However, iMotor's BMW mole went on to say that they haven't even heard talk of the Z2 in the usual internal BMW gossip.

So, the Z2 doesn't feature in any chats around the water-cooler at BMW and whats more, even if it did, iMotor's insider says it would still be years away.

“Even if such a car was being discussed, and I’m not aware that it is, there is no way it could be brought into production in the time scale a lot of people are suggesting. It takes far longer than two years to sign-off a car, test it, set up tooling and build the thing.”

With the 1-series convertible providing entry level open-top motoring to BMW buyers, it would be a brave / confident manufacturer that pushed through the development of a new niche sports model in the current economic climate.

So there you have it, for the time being at least, a bucket of cold water has been thrown over our baby BMW sportscar aspirations.

The wait for the Z2 could well be a long one.

[Image source: iMotor]

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