Tony O'Kane | Apr 1, 2009

Now here’s some warming news about a trans-Tasman alliance of benefit to rev-heads on both sides of the pond.

Aussie icon Repco, once the first port of call for ‘go-faster bits’ to get extra neddies out of the ‘red six’ in the EH, is now offering fully assembled and complete cylinder heads from Kiwi Cylinder Heads.

And, yup, Kiwi Cylinder Heads is – no prizes here – an established New Zealand supplier of replacement cylinder heads for light diesel and petrol engines (there are Holdens, Falcons and Camrys harassing the wildlife over there too).

Now they’re here, customs has cleared ‘em, and you can buy ‘em.

Kiwi Cylinder Heads

The good thing about a ‘Kiwi head’ is that they come fully assembled and with all the extra bits – including gaskets and head bolts. For workshops (and lunatics, commonly referred to as ‘home mechanics’) a Kiwi Cylinder Head… er, head, provides a one-stop solution for that top-end rebuild.

Warranted? Indeed; all Kiwi complete cylinder head components are supported by a 12 month or 20,000km warranty.

So, if you’re looking for a properly engineered solution to the top end of the workings, give Repco a yell – a fully built-up, ready to roll head can save a lot of grief.

So, just throw all those loose bits on the garage floor into a big box, remind yourself to stick your finger into a light socket next time you get the bright idea that ‘you’re perfectly capable’ of doing ‘a little engine overhaul’, and get on the phone.

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