Tony O'Kane | Apr 1, 2009

Home-built cars can be a bit of a mixed bag. Sometimes a genuinely talented individual will cook up a well-built and solidly-engineered track day special in his garden shed, while other times... you get this.

This gem of a machine was spotted just outside London by an eagle-eyed member of the ever-entertaining BarryBoys forum.

Not much is known about the car (and we do use that term loosely), other than that its exterior is inspired by a partially-melted doorstop and that you could fit a fist through those panel gaps.

Home Built Horror

The B-pillar is an intriguing structure in itself, and it appears the builder attempted to 'refine' the shape while the fibreglass was still curing. Some might say the flat-faced tail of the car adheres to the Kammback aerodynamic principle (as used by the Ford GT40 and Shelby Daytona Coupe), but we're not that generous.

Either this is the world's most cunningly deceptive development mule, or somebody just wasted a hell of a lot of weekends.

Thanks for the tip, Dave!


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