Geely Buys Drivetrain Systems International

Mike Stevens | Mar 31, 2009

Chinese automaker Geely (see the Geely GE posted earlier this morning) has announced its purchase of Australian company Drivetrain System International, one of the world’s largest transmission manufacturers.

DSI produces drivetrains for Ford, Chrysler and Ssangyong, in RWD and AWD formats.

Despite its position on the world stage, the global economic crisis saw DSI enter bankruptcy protection in February this year, affecting Ford Australia’s production in the process.

The agreement between the two companies was signed at DSI’s New South Wales headquarters and Wang Ziliang, vice chairman of Geely Automotive Holdings, said that Geely will continue to maintain the DSI brand and its independent operations to best service its global clients.

Geely will invest in the research and development of DSI’s transmission systems, including an eight-speed transmission that the company is reportedly working on.

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  • Mark Hardman says,
    7 years ago
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    As long as Geely get rid of the atrocious management team led by Mick 'put us in administration' T that couldn't manage his way out of a wet paper bag, then the company may be able to move ahead and prosper.
  • Phil C. says,
    7 years ago
    I'd love to see DSI release am 8spd automatic along with the 6spd hybrid compatible one that fits inside the 4spd casing. That last one has been in a testing / production ready stage for about 4 years...
  • Richard F says,
    2 years ago
    Geely only brought the place for the Technology. Agree with Mark Geely needed to dump the crap management team that put DSI in the position of having to be sold.